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Tapered Roller Bearings | The Leader Company

Timken offers the most extensive line of tapered roller bearings available anywhere in the world.

Tapered roller bearings are uniquely designed to manage both thrust and radial loads on rotating shafts and in housings. We manufacture nearly 26,000 tapered roller bearing combinations – in single, double and four-row tapered roller bearing configurations. Customized geometries and engineered surfaces can be applied to these tapered roller bearings to further enhance performance in demanding applications.

Tapered roller bearings consist of four interdependent components: the cone, or inner ring; the cup, or outer ring; the tapered rollers, or rolling elements; and the cage, or roller retainer. The taper angles allow the bearing to handle a combination of radial and thrust loads. The steeper the cup angle, the greater the ability of the tapered roller bearing to handle thrust loads.

To learn more about the most common types and sizes of tapered roller bearings we offer, simply click on a link below.

Single-Row Tapered Roller Bearings

Single-Row Tapered Roller Bearings >

The most basic and widely used tapered roller bearing, the single-row tapered roller bearing consists of the cone assembly and the cup. It is usually fitted as one of an opposing pair. During equipment assembly, single-row tapered roller bearings can be set to the required clearance or preload condition to optimize performance.

Double-Row Tapered Roller Bearings

Double-Row Tapered Roller Bearings >

Double- or two-row tapered roller bearings feature double cups and two single cones. Double- or two-row tapered roller bearings are available in a variety of configurations for general industrial and automotive applications.

Four-Row Tapered Roller Bearings

Four-Row Tapered Roller Bearings >

Four-row tapered roller bearings combine the inherent high-load, radial/thrust capacity and direct/indirect mounting variables of tapered roller bearings into assemblies of maximum load rating in minimum space.

Thrust Bearings |The Leader Company

Timken designs thrust bearings to manage thrust (axial) loads and provide high-shock-load resistance in a variety of applications. We offer seven basic thrust bearing types: ball, crossed roller, cylindrical, machined tapered, stamped tapered, spherical and needle.

Thrust Ball Bearings

Thrust Ball Bearings >

Thrust ball bearings provide optimum performance in high-speed applications, particularly where loads are generally lighter. Timken offers angular contact (types TVL and DTVL) thrust ball designs

Thrust Spherical Roller Bearings

Thrust Spherical Roller Bearings >

Thrust spherical roller bearings (type TSR) are ideal for applications where conditions include heavy loads, difficulties in establishing or maintaining housing alignment and problems with shaft deflection.

Thrust Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Thrust Cylindrical Roller Bearings >

Thrust cylindrical roller bearings are designed to operate under heavy loads at moderate speeds. Special design features are available for even higher rotational speeds. Types include standard (type TP) and aligning washer (type TPS).

Thrust Tapered Bearings

Thrust Tapered Roller Bearings >

Thrust tapered bearings include rollers that have conical sections. The bearing design ensures a true rolling motion for maximum bearing life and load-carrying capacity. Available in both standard (heavy duty, v-flat, screw down, oscillating and crossed roller) and custom designs.

Needle Thrust Bearings

Thrust Needle Roller Bearings >

Thrust needle roller and cage assemblies are designed to transmit a thrust load between two relatively rotating objects while greatly reducing friction. Ideal for automotive, agricultural and construction equipment.

Our precision cylindrical roller bearings for screw drives feature a combination of axial cylindrical rollers and radial needle rollers. This unique configuration helps manage loads from multiple directions during highspeed operation. Several designs are available to accommodate varying screw drive designs.

For applications where rotational accuracy, consistency and rigidity are critical, Timken has the solution – Timken® precision cylindrical roller bearings for rotary tables, indexing and vertical mill heads.

Precision Cylindrical Roller Bearings for Screw Drives

Precision Cylindrical Roller Bearings for Screw Drives >

Machine tool screw drives face some of the toughest conditions. Rapid acceleration. High speeds. Significant stiffness requirements. But you needn’t worry. Timken precision cylindrical roller bearings are up to the challenge.

Precision Cylindrical Roller Bearings for Rotary Tables

Precision Cylindrical Roller Bearings for Rotary Tables >

We incorporate our engineering expertise into every product to enhance performance and productivity. Our precision cylindrical roller bearings for rotary tables are no exception. When rotational accuracy, consistency and rigidity in rotary tables are critical, Timken precision cylindrical roller bearings become the obvious solution.

 High Performance Bearings |The Leader Company

P900 bearings

P900 Bearings >

Timken’s P900 bearings are tapered roller bearings featuring advanced geometry and special finishes on rollers, cups and cones, resulting in increased power throughput, efficiency and durability.


DuraSpexx® and DuraSpexx® Power Rating Series >

Ideal in mining, rolling mill, aerospace and power generation applications, Timken® DuraSpexx® bearings feature enhanced materials and surface finishes for extended bearing life.

auqspexx bearings

AquaSpexx® Bearings >

Timken® AquaSpexx® bearings feature a zinc-alloy coating that combats damage caused by water-based corrosion commonly found in rolling mills and other difficult operating environments.

Timken® Wear-Resistant Bearings

Timken® Wear-Resistant Bearings >

Wear-resistant bearings are designed to reduce life-limiting wear problems including micropitting on main shaft spherical roller bearings and micropitting, smearing and brittle flaking on wind turbine gearbox bearings.

Thin Dense Chrome Bearings

Thin Dense Chrome Bearings >

Timken’s Thin Dense Chrome, or TDC, bearings are specifically designed to provide increased performance in harsh corrosion environments and feature a coating designed for greater strength, hardness and adhesion to bearing surfaces.

Debris Resistant Bearings

Debris Resistant Bearings >

Standard Timken® bearings are made to withstand moderate debris contamination using a unique engineering tool that determines the proper debris solution for your operating conditions.

Low Torque Bearings

Low Torque Bearings >

Timken’s low torque bearings reduce vibration, resulting in noise reduction. The design also features a 10 to 15 percent weight reduction compared to traditional Timken bearings.