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DBDH20G1X/210E Rexroth Type DBDH Pressure Relief Valves

DBDH20G1X/210E Rexroth Type DBDH Pressure Relief Valves

Our mission is to serve our customers as a trusted ally, providing you with the loyalty of a business partner and the economics of an outside vendor. Since many vacuum processes are critical steps in applications, we vow to make sure that our customers have what they need to run their vacuum equipment and processes with maximum efficiency and relia…
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Our mission is to serve our customers as a trusted ally, providing you with the loyalty of a business partner and the economics of an outside vendor. Since many vacuum processes are critical steps in applications, we vow to make sure that our customers have what they need to run their vacuum equipment and processes with maximum efficiency and reliability. We will be there when you need us.if you’re looking for Hydraulic Pumps,Pumps,Hydraulic Motors,Motors,Hydraulic Cylinder,Air Cylinders,Solenoid Valves,Pressure Valves,Check Valves, Flow Valves, Proportional Valves, Filter Elements,Fittings,Gas Claw,Vacuum,Connectors,Components and Accessories,Auto spare parts, then you’ve come to the right place., enable Leader to greatly enhance quality deeply and broadly, and continue towards the top goal; with rigorous and far-reaching quality strategy and perseverance

Rexroth Type DBD Pressure Relief Valves,Direct Operated
DBDH20G1X/210E Rexroth Type DBDH Pressure Relief Valves
Size 6 … 30
Component series 1X
Maximum operating pressure 630 bar [9150 psi]
Maximum flow 330 l/min [87 US gpm]
As screw-in cartridge valve (cartridge)
For threaded connection
For subplate mounting
Adjustment types for pressure adjustment, optionally:
 Bushing with hexagon and protective cap
 Rotary knob
 Hand wheel
 Lockable rotary knob

Rexroth Type DBD Pressure Relief Valves Ordering Code:

DBDH20G1X/210E Rexroth Type DBDH Pressure Relief Valves

DBDH20G1X/210E Rexroth Type DBDH Pressure Relief Valves

Rexroth Type DBDH Pressure Relief Valves Model List:
R900424188 DBDH10G1X/100
R900781324 DBDH10G1X/100/12
R900769506 DBDH10G1X/100E
R900403701 DBDH10G1X/100V
R900774613 DBDH10G1X/110E
R900773262 DBDH10G1X/130E
R900787682 DBDH10G1X/160E
R900773201 DBDH10G1X/170E
R900424178 DBDH10G1X/200
R901118142 DBDH10G1X/200E
R900438661 DBDH10G1X/200V
R900567596 DBDH10G1X/200V/12
R901043317 DBDH10G1X/210E
R900426026 DBDH10G1X/25
R900395057 DBDH10G1X/25/12
R901006161 DBDH10G1X/250E
R900449494 DBDH10G1X/25V
R901127895 DBDH10G1X/260E
R900783587 DBDH10G1X/300E
R900424189 DBDH10G1X/315
R900369758 DBDH10G1X/315/12
R901112410 DBDH10G1X/315E
R900449495 DBDH10G1X/315V
R901036499 DBDH10G1X/375E
R900424179 DBDH10G1X/400
R900369757 DBDH10G1X/400/12
R900783074 DBDH10G1X/400E
R900468494 DBDH10G1X/400V
R900424180 DBDH10G1X/50
R900973016 DBDH10G1X/50/12
R900779048 DBDH10G1X/50E
R900463563 DBDH10G1X/50V
R901119370 DBDH10G1X/60E
R900352663 DBDH10G1X/630/12
R901119485 DBDH10G1X/75E
R900423891 DBDH10K1X/100
R900774511 DBDH10K1X/100E
R900478420 DBDH10K1X/100V
R900774616 DBDH10K1X/110E
R900772534 DBDH10K1X/120E
R900773998 DBDH10K1X/130E
R901072208 DBDH10K1X/135E
R900782952 DBDH10K1X/140E
R901179079 DBDH10K1X/145E
R901038846 DBDH10K1X/150E
R900775869 DBDH10K1X/160E
R900774526 DBDH10K1X/170E
R900775611 DBDH10K1X/180E
R901007466 DBDH10K1X/195E
R900424190 DBDH10K1X/200
R900772850 DBDH10K1X/200E
R900437466 DBDH10K1X/200V
R900769570 DBDH10K1X/210E
R901069100 DBDH10K1X/230E
R901028262 DBDH10K1X/240E
R900435222 DBDH10K1X/25
R900773228 DBDH10K1X/250E
R900406900 DBDH10K1X/25V
R901128119 DBDH10K1X/260E
R900775612 DBDH10K1X/280E
R901004808 DBDH10K1X/290E
R900769575 DBDH10K1X/300E
R900769583 DBDH10K1X/30E
R900424183 DBDH10K1X/315
R900769629 DBDH10K1X/315E
R900471398 DBDH10K1X/315V
R900769372 DBDH10K1X/330E
R900773261 DBDH10K1X/345E
R901036555 DBDH10K1X/375E
R900424184 DBDH10K1X/400
R900783111 DBDH10K1X/400E
R900343869 DBDH10K1X/400V
R901018584 DBDH10K1X/410E
R901011982 DBDH10K1X/440E
R901014142 DBDH10K1X/450E
R900424185 DBDH10K1X/50
R901118167 DBDH10K1X/500E
R900779158 DBDH10K1X/50E
R900478419 DBDH10K1X/50V
R901008678 DBDH10K1X/550E
R901119512 DBDH10K1X/60E
R900433807 DBDH10K1X/630
R900331916 DBDH10K1X/630V
R900784398 DBDH10K1X/70E
R901097397 DBDH10K1X/75E
R901016313 DBDH10K1X/80E
R900781735 DBDH10K1X/95E
R900426901 DBDH10P1X/100
R900734790 DBDH10P1X/100V
R901072091 DBDH10P1X/135E
R900424186 DBDH10P1X/200
R901038735 DBDH10P1X/200E
R900922765 DBDH10P1X/200V
R900432950 DBDH10P1X/25
R900464464 DBDH10P1X/25V
R900424187 DBDH10P1X/315
R900773190 DBDH10P1X/315E
R900503535 DBDH10P1X/315V
R900434820 DBDH10P1X/400
R900704056 DBDH10P1X/400/12
R900423898 DBDH10P1X/50
R900472920 DBDH10P1X/50V
R900424191 DBDH15G1X/100
R900951906 DBDH15G1X/100/12
R900526571 DBDH15G1X/100V
R900432893 DBDH15G1X/25
R900418489 DBDH15G1X/25V
R900424182 DBDH15G1X/50
R900951905 DBDH15G1X/50/12
R900562029 DBDH15G1X/50V/12
R900424103 DBDH20G1X/100
R900424104 DBDH20G1X/100V
R900774618 DBDH20G1X/120E
R901002449 DBDH20G1X/140E
R901027830 DBDH20G1X/150E
R901055799 DBDH20G1X/175E
R901127889 DBDH20G1X/200E
R900781138 DBDH20G1X/210E
R900431964 DBDH20G1X/25
R901006160 DBDH20G1X/250E
R900412339 DBDH20G1X/25V
R900773198 DBDH20G1X/315E
R900424108 DBDH20G1X/50
R900942505 DBDH20G1X/50V
R900424109 DBDH20K1X/100
R900782739 DBDH20K1X/100E
R900478421 DBDH20K1X/100V
R900774620 DBDH20K1X/120E
R901002609 DBDH20K1X/140E
R901028094 DBDH20K1X/150E
R900777087 DBDH20K1X/160E
R901055837 DBDH20K1X/175E
R901008508 DBDH20K1X/180E
R900769618 DBDH20K1X/200E
R900769390 DBDH20K1X/210E
R901241340 DBDH20K1X/220E
R900423028 DBDH20K1X/25
R900773178 DBDH20K1X/250E
R900334729 DBDH20K1X/25V
R900769434 DBDH20K1X/315E
R900774574 DBDH20K1X/330E
R901083741 DBDH20K1X/350E
R900424112 DBDH20K1X/50
R900473979 DBDH20K1X/50V
R900424113 DBDH20P1X/100
R900431571 DBDH20P1X/25
R900428855 DBDH20P1X/50
R900424115 DBDH25G1X/100
R900587084 DBDH25G1X/100V
R900442913 DBDH25G1X/25
R900439247 DBDH25G1X/50
R900424237 DBDH30G1X/100
R901000128 DBDH30G1X/100E
R900488857 DBDH30G1X/100V
R901115138 DBDH30G1X/170E
R901027461 DBDH30G1X/200E
R901107920 DBDH30G1X/210E
R900445792 DBDH30G1X/25
R900405983 DBDH30G1X/25V
R900424240 DBDH30G1X/50
R900516267 DBDH30G1X/50V
R900424241 DBDH30K1X/100
R901000213 DBDH30K1X/100E
R900357771 DBDH30K1X/100V
R901115214 DBDH30K1X/170E
R900775127 DBDH30K1X/175E
R900777545 DBDH30K1X/180E
R900781322 DBDH30K1X/190E
R900773224 DBDH30K1X/200E
R901108198 DBDH30K1X/210E
R900781321 DBDH30K1X/220E
R901082437 DBDH30K1X/235E
R900445875 DBDH30K1X/25
R901100918 DBDH30K1X/250E
R900393228 DBDH30K1X/25V
R900769422 DBDH30K1X/315E
R900424193 DBDH30K1X/50
R900478423 DBDH30K1X/50V
R900785548 DBDH30K1X/80E
R900456498 DBDH30P1X/100
R900774983 DBDH30P1X/100/12
R901178751 DBDH30P1X/25V
R900424194 DBDH30P1X/50
R900969137 DBDH4K1X/100V
R900772571 DBDH4K1X/100VE
R900775147 DBDH4K1X/120VE
R900769579 DBDH4K1X/140VE
R901012948 DBDH4K1X/160VE
R900969138 DBDH4K1X/200V
R900772572 DBDH4K1X/210VE
R900769481 DBDH4K1X/250VE
R901140070 DBDH4K1X/25V
R900969139 DBDH4K1X/350V
R900769482 DBDH4K1X/400VE
R901082486 DBDH4K1X/420V
R900969140 DBDH4K1X/500V
R900769483 DBDH4K1X/500VE
R900969136 DBDH4K1X/50V
R901037844 DBDH4K1X/60VE
R900424195 DBDH6G1X/100
R900366796 DBDH6G1X/100/12
R900476358 DBDH6G1X/100V
R900774614 DBDH6G1X/110E
R901132858 DBDH6G1X/120E
R901196638 DBDH6G1X/130E
R900769396 DBDH6G1X/140E
R901109113 DBDH6G1X/150E
R900769531 DBDH6G1X/170E
R901230323 DBDH6G1X/190E
R900424196 DBDH6G1X/200
R900345310 DBDH6G1X/200/12
R900773226 DBDH6G1X/200E
R900441778 DBDH6G1X/200V
R900343871 DBDH6G1X/200V/12
R900769532 DBDH6G1X/210E
R900426897 DBDH6G1X/25
R900393748 DBDH6G1X/25/12
R900778648 DBDH6G1X/250E
R900466112 DBDH6G1X/25V
R900424197 DBDH6G1X/315
R900458278 DBDH6G1X/315/12
R900769539 DBDH6G1X/315E
R900923476 DBDH6G1X/315JV/12
R900427605 DBDH6G1X/315V
R900387940 DBDH6G1X/315V/12
R900769550 DBDH6G1X/350E
R900424348 DBDH6G1X/400
R900385305 DBDH6G1X/400/12
R900479048 DBDH6G1X/400V
R900395059 DBDH6G1X/400V/12
R900424198 DBDH6G1X/50
R900347546 DBDH6G1X/50/12
R900463686 DBDH6G1X/50V
R901146536 DBDH6G1X/65E
R901031623 DBDH6G1X/70E
R900778048 DBDH6G1X/80E
R900786152 DBDH6G1X/90E
R900424199 DBDH6K1X/100
R900769375 DBDH6K1X/100E
R900440760 DBDH6K1X/100V
R900769484 DBDH6K1X/105E
R900774617 DBDH6K1X/110E
R900769438 DBDH6K1X/120E
R900775610 DBDH6K1X/125E
R900773283 DBDH6K1X/130E
R900769485 DBDH6K1X/140E
R901016095 DBDH6K1X/145E
R900769486 DBDH6K1X/150E
R900769424 DBDH6K1X/160E
R900769487 DBDH6K1X/170E
R901155503 DBDH6K1X/180E
R901230407 DBDH6K1X/190E
R900424200 DBDH6K1X/200
R900769594 DBDH6K1X/200E
R900468547 DBDH6K1X/200V
R900769367 DBDH6K1X/210E
R900782072 DBDH6K1X/230E
R900427600 DBDH6K1X/25
R900769363 DBDH6K1X/250E
R901018399 DBDH6K1X/25SO127
R900426988 DBDH6K1X/25V
R901139989 DBDH6K1X/265E
R901118143 DBDH6K1X/270E
R900776422 DBDH6K1X/280E
R900769584 DBDH6K1X/300E
R900424201 DBDH6K1X/315
R900769568 DBDH6K1X/315E
R900447890 DBDH6K1X/315V
R900769441 DBDH6K1X/330E
R900774513 DBDH6K1X/350E
R901010834 DBDH6K1X/35E
R900424202 DBDH6K1X/400
R901008031 DBDH6K1X/400E
R900476862 DBDH6K1X/400V
R901091972 DBDH6K1X/40E
R900424734 DBDH6K1X/50
R900775130 DBDH6K1X/50E
R900478418 DBDH6K1X/50V
R900772504 DBDH6K1X/60E
R901146718 DBDH6K1X/65E
R900784870 DBDH6K1X/70E
R900774573 DBDH6K1X/75E
R900769277 DBDH6K1X/80E
R900769427 DBDH6K1X/85E
R900786259 DBDH6K1X/90E
R901113183 DBDH6K1X/95E
R900424246 DBDH6P1X/100
R900424245 DBDH6P1X/100V
R900427242 DBDH6P1X/200
R900506633 DBDH6P1X/200V
R900430378 DBDH6P1X/25
R900496014 DBDH6P1X/25V
R900424266 DBDH6P1X/315
R900361835 DBDH6P1X/315V
R900434128 DBDH6P1X/400
R900576760 DBDH6P1X/400V
R900428385 DBDH6P1X/50
R900428843 DBDH6P1X/50V
R900442143 DBDH8G1X/100
R901035485 DBDH8G1X/100V
R900424161 DBDH8G1X/200
R900427608 DBDH8G1X/200V
R900582716 DBDH8G1X/200V/12
R900440754 DBDH8G1X/25
R900481312 DBDH8G1X/25V
R900428386 DBDH8G1X/315
R900429686 DBDH8G1X/400
R900516549 DBDH8G1X/400/12
R900460309 DBDH8G1X/400V
R900426158 DBDH8G1X/50


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